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  1. Talk about having the full resources of the Liberty League… This is a complex operation they have going to make the wedding happen.

  2. They really do have to be on their toes with excuses, don’t they?

  3. It’s part of Superheroing 101.

  4. paul’s “complex operation” line made me think of a different webcomic where someone said that a space shuttle launch was less complex-or was cheaper-than a wedding!

  5. Anyone notice that the vest Quincy is wearing is the same one Mark was looking at in the tuxedo shop earlier?

  6. I never used to know what “the coast is clear” meant when I was a kid. I only realized in recent years that this had to do with the Normandy landing in World War II. Zut alors…but it’s a good code. 😀

  7. (I mean, we used the expression somewhat often, but I never thought. Anyhoo…)

  8. Is Amazonia supposed to be incognito here? I would think that impossible given her headdress.

  9. @Movestofca She doesn’t have a secret identity, everyone knows she’s an extra-dimensional princess. Thom explained her cover story for her presence two or three pages back, in the comments.

  10. @FrankNW: You’ve got the right idea, but the wrong time period. “The coast is clear” goes back to the 16th century. Shakespeare even used it (in Henry VI Part 1). Here’s what the Word Detective had to say about it: http://www.word-detective.com/2011/12/coast-is-clear/

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