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  1. Is he wearing a male version of a Harley Quinn inspired shirt?

  2. @Saeko I think so.

  3. @Saeko: Now that you mentioned it I see it too.

  4. Back away slowly, you are male and not allowed to make such observations.

  5. ” Well for starters, she isn’t mine” would have been a good starting place for the discussion.

  6. That’s odd. Yesterday I added – or thought I did – a comment about it might be a bowling shirt (don’t remember the exact wording), but it’s gone now….

  7. That is weird. Maybe the internet disagreed? XD

  8. I’ve got two of them. I feel Jason’s impending pain.

  9. Jason seems to have a talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

  10. @Saeko actually Jason wore the same shirt on his interview with Abby

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