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  1. Abby, Mark’s folks, Charlotte, makes four. Who are the other two?

  2. Probably his grandparents.

  3. Wondered about the Numbers too.
    Maybe he counted to copy guy that stole his memories? Or maybe some ex-girlfriend? Or those are persons yet to be revealed/make it inot the story. In any case, propably just adding a few “spare” people for later story potential.

  4. One of them is Mrs. O’Lonergan. Have to re-read to see if I can figure out who #6 is.

  5. Darkblade’s maid (or whatever she is), Mrs. O’Lonergan, from #671 knows.
    And Amazonia’s mother might also know, seeing as she Knighted him (if I recall correctly, she even called him Mark, but can’t find the comic right now, and seeing as it is late here in Denmark, i am not in the mood to archive binge right now)

  6. Oh wait, I know! It’s Amazonia’s mom (she called him Sir Mark) and Darkblade’s housekeeper (who reads his files)!

  7. Good catch on Mrs. O’Lonergan, Søren. Amazonia’s mother is not from this planet, so that still leaves the sixth slot open. I’m tired, so I’m not going to archive binge, either.

  8. Just finished going through the comic again. Mark said that nobody else in his family except his parents knew, so that rules them out. The only other one I can think it might be, assuming that it’s not an empty slot, is Doc Karma’s assistant. I assume she knows who Doc Karma really is, and since Mark books under his identity she’d know.

  9. His tailor might know. I mean, he washes his uniform himself, but i doubt that he made it. Or that his parents did.
    After all he isn’t that Pajamas guy from Metropolis =)
    Also… so since he is basically super-human he can have children right? I’m thinking this is what worries Abby’s mother.

  10. Abby feels like a BOSS right now.

  11. It’s also possible that Thom chose “six” to allow some leeway for the future if he wanted to bring another “in-the-know” person into the comic. So the sixth person may not be anyone we’ve seen or even heard about.

    (He could even get a bit more leeway by deciding that Mark was counting Mrs. O’Lonergan as a crime fighter.)

  12. If they think they’re surprised to discover that Mark is a superhero, wait until they learn that their own daughter was a superheroine for a time, when Abby was Titania. Won’t that be something! I hope that we get to see that moment too. They’ll be so proud of Abby.

  13. This is great! I used that number specifically, and when this came out in the print version of the comic a year or so ago, no one seemed to notice it. Or if they did, no one asked.

    Mrs. O’Longeran is #5, you figured that out. #6 has never been revealed, but I’ll be happy to tell you:

    It’s Mark’s priest, the one we saw when they got married.

    I always figured Mark would have gone to his priest for some advice and guidance during his career. He would have revealed in under the seal of the confessional, just more more assurance that his secret would remain safe.

  14. It can’t be Amazonia’s mother, because Mark specifies “on the planet,” i.e. on Earth, and the Queen isn’t on Earth. Heh, wouldn’t have guessed the priest, but it makes sense. It also kinda gives Mark a Zorro-esque feel, since the local padre was a huge part of el Zorro’s support system. Of course, Darkblade is actually a lot more Zorro-like than the Crusader (Zorro being the predecessor to the Batman archetype), but there is that tiny connection there. (Unintentional, I’m sure…)

  15. As far as I know, or remember (off the top of my head), the ‘normals’ who know his secret are:

    Abby’s Sister
    His mom
    His Dad
    Darkblade’s secratary/nanny

  16. Chris, I apologize, but I didn’t see your comment last night. And thanks for the clarification, Thom!

  17. Not a problem, Oarboar. And yes, Thom, thanks for the clarification! Woulda driven me nuts trying to figure that out.

  18. yea looks like everyone has the same list of people leaving the question who is the 6th (now 8th) person

  19. Amazing what the speculation would have been if Thom hadn’t told us. I’m glad he did.

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  21. Just read through the archives in full for the first time… good stuff! But I have to wonder: does Mrs. O’Longeran really count as a non-crime fighter? I mean, according to the author, yes. But since she’s a member of the order of monks, that’s borderline in my opinion. She’s Alfred’s analog, yes, but it’s not exactly the same, given her membership in the order.

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