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  1. Abby is so ready to marry a superhero.

  2. Nothing is weird after you fix divergent timelines on your wedding day.

  3. At this point, her whole situation is so far from normal, I guess she’s just going with it.

  4. What Ozimul said. 😀

  5. When you’ve time traveled, saved an invulnerable man’s life, altered reality, time traveled again, flown by magic while changing in public and getting the perfect hairstyle to wear with your dress given to you by extradimensional royalty from a brand new hair stylist, really, anything else weird is just, “meh”.

  6. You’re right on that point. All she has to do now is to save the world from complete destruction by some egomaniacal filth or other…but I suppose that’s been addressed in another plot somewhere. …Meh.

  7. Since they got Abby to the church on time, would that make this an example of Modern Love?

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