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  1. I’m not the creator of the universe, but still, I wouldn’t go that far out of my way to piss Abby off

  2. xD Especially when you never know if she’ll come to life and kill you for it.

  3. “CURSE YOU CRUEL FATE! Oooh, makes hot chocolate too? Maybe I can live with this….”

  4. Sounds to me like a creator of a certain universe wants his characters to put a hit out on him…

  5. I recently gave up coffee after 50 years of at least 5 cups a day,
    The withdrawal symptoms were horrendous,but I feel a lot better.

    So while I feel your pain Abby, I also think you’ll get over it.


  6. She knows Mark can hear her.

  7. I wonder if one can blame this one on “Murphy’s Law”…

  8. And than Doc finds out that the baby needs lots of caffeine to develop

  9. …& 8 months later is born the superhero who is destined to be known as:
    Powered by “Jolt”, “Balz”, “Mt.Dew”, “Red Bull”, & other high-energy-drinks, his one weakness is “Sanka”!
    Sorry – I just really miss that animated series “The Tick”…
    …Patrick Warburton made a good try of it, but there’s only so much you can do in the “live-action superhero”-genre.

  10. You know if Abby “suddenly” gain Comic awareness…
    Then the last panel should be directed at the author =)

  11. I have had days like that. not her situation, but similar.

  12. Abby vs. the Powers That Be: who do YOU think will wreak the Biblical revenge?

  13. DMC_Run: I agree with you about the differences between the two Tick series; Townsend Coleman’s Tick may not have been the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but Warburton’s was in terminal brownout.

  14. Probably going to be the longest nine months in Abby’s life (in more ways than one).

  15. damn, just damn jeez and ohh it makes hot cocoffee!

  16. I totally forgot that she partially works around and sells coffee for a living.

  17. Decaf, Abby — you can still enjoy the taste of the coffee that way.

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