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  1. Well T Campbell pretty much called it.

  2. Looking into the empty coffee cup with a glum/guilty expression was the giveaway:

    “Why would Mark do that? He looks like somebody died – but I would have known that. Is Abby sick? Did she have a miscarriage? No, Mark would have told me if she was pregnant first – wait, she IS pregnant and Mark is feeling guilt because Abby had to give up coffee while he’s still drinking it!”

  3. You are good.

  4. @WW Oracle I like the way you think.

  5. Bah. I would not call that a guilty or glum expression, and he’s looking away from Darkblade rather than into his coffee cup.. To me it looks like he’s happy, but still not wanting to divulge his secret just yet.

  6. Greatest detective of his generation, Mark. What were you expecting?

  7. Considering how great of a detective he is, I would’ve canceled. Made up an excuse about Abby having a cold or something and not even shown him my face.

  8. Personally, I think deep down inside, Mark knew that Paul would do it, and so he wouldn’t be lying to Abby about not telling Paul, because Paul would figure it out on his own. XD

  9. You want to tell your best friend this amazing, wonderful secret.
    So you show up and stand there, and just let him do his thing and you can enjoy the good news w/ a clear conscience. Win-win!

  10. “Wait – SHE IS?!”

  11. Now THAT would have been funny. And a good way to MAYBE throw Paul off the trail.

  12. Or, What would make you think that? Don’t you think I’d TELL you?! Answer a question with a question. And not one that confirms the suspicions, Mark. XD

  13. Actually it’s a call back to itself. About Darkblade actually being a World’s Greatest Detective. After Batman… Maybe.

  14. I thought Darkblade was Batman…

  15. Yes, the epilogue to “Kingdom Come” has much to answer for…

  16. World’s Greatest Detective, ladies and gentlemen. Poor Mark never stood a chance.

  17. Amazing!

  18. Abby expressed a preference for keeping quiet about the pregnancy, but I don’t think she feels so strongly about the issue that Mark should avoid meeting Paul entirely.

    There is a difference between confirming Paul’s suspicions and drawing attention to the fact.

  19. Oh, and _had_ Abby felt so strongly on the matter that Paul _must_ be kept in the dark no matter what… she is plenty smart enough to realize that Paul might guess it on his own, so she would have asked Mark not to meet him this night.

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