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  1. I can already smell the fanfics that their world would come up with at this point XD

  2. That’s what he gets for being a super detective and not waiting until someone SHARED news.

  3. AHAHAHAHA! Fanfics! Yes, I can just now hear the cries of, “My OTP is Crusader/Darkblade!!” …and I didn’t need any super-hearing to do it. XD

  4. The world’s greatest detective and he can’t hear a civilian news chopper coming. 🙂

  5. Fanfics? In real life, they’d be called “Tabloids”.
    Same thing though.

  6. The silver lining is that this will REALLY throw any speculators off the scent of actual significant others.

  7. What? You don’t think Paul foresaw this and went all Charles Foster Kane on the media (nah, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen that…;)- )

  8. @Charlie Spencer: To be fair, he was a bit distracted.

  9. The page numbers are wrong, have been since #783 (which should really be #873), so I guess that would make this page #883.

  10. I’m sure Mark can already hear the imminent stampeding hordes of ‘shippers…

  11. Of course, we’re all looking forward to the storyline where Paul and Zoe babysit the kid…and to their “horror,” find themselves enjoying themselves in the normality…

    But no “Look Who’s Talking” dialogue for the kid, OK? (Unless you come up with some really good zingers)

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