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  1. Lol, men. Games are all that matter. ^__^

  2. Games, and the winning of them, indeed.

    Sadly for the world.


  3. What’s the point of playing if you don’t aim to win? 🙂

  4. I know plenty of women that don’t like to lose so it’s not just a guy thing. Nothing wrong with competition it make you extend yourself further than you thought you might go. If you fail well nothing wrong with that, failure is an excellent teacher also.

  5. Didn’t Superman get into college on a football scholarship?

  6. No, it’s not just a guy thing. I’m very competitive in certain games. I just was amused by the fact that the women focused on who Mark is as a person, and the men focused on him letting them win at sports.

  7. i wonder if they make gold lined playing cards (gold blocks X rays lie lead and has the benefit of not being toxic)

  8. I like the idea of board games. There are some good ones from the 50s and 60s.

  9. There are some great boardgames out now. Some really great non-traditional card games, too, like Munchkins and Cards Against Humanity…

  10. @Ladyofthemasque
    Munchkin is awesome!

    Also, Monopoly is almost purely luck…Just sayin’

  11. a little late to the party but: In the words of someone far better suited to make this kind of remark:
    “Why would I want to win anything other than a beautiful game?”

  12. @xero but he uses magnetic resonance vision.
    Realistically, unless there was something special in the ink, reading cards with any kind of X-ray vision would be almost impossible. You’d need to have enough control to see through most of the card, but not quite all of it.
    Plus, Abby would kill him if he cheated. 😛

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