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  1. Looks like Mark has been watching some scifi! After an alternate timeline, I’d worry about it being real too.

  2. golly, how often has that line been used in comics XD

  3. imagainary -> imaginary

  4. @Jasae Bushae what you mean this year? seriously they only form of fiction with a larger trope section than comics is soap operas

  5. An imaginary story, like maybe a comic book or webcomic? Nah, nobody would believe that one.

  6. I guess those are possibilities that superheros always need to be concerned about.

  7. “This isn’t a cop-out that we’ll destroy to keep the status quo, right?”

  8. I love the comment about the possibility of the marriage being an imaginary story. You don’t know how often that’s been thrown about some of my other favorite fandoms currently.

  9. am i the only one who noticed the migrating rose on the jacket?


  11. It’s a reference to Silver Age of comic books and their story-telling cliches, Heather.

  12. Heh, is Paul pinching Mark, so he knows it isn’t just a dream? Must be really hard to pinch someone invulnerable, no?

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