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  1. pop cultre that Everybody understands even if we have not seen the show

  2. Not everyone, Rand. I didn’t get it. XD

  3. Yeah, it’s not really fair for Crusader to bring that up. That show was “lets throw random ideas to the wall and see how it sticks”. Hard to put clues together when they don’t have anything to do with the mystery itself. 😛

  4. That show was specifically made for Super detectives so that they could watch a show without knowing how it will end.

  5. I didn’t watch Lost, but judging by the bits I heard over the years, yeah, those weren’t “clues”, those were “random crap that we’ll try to make something with later.”

  6. I think I can follow Darkblade’s deduction, from two panels ago. He noticed that Mark was distracted, so Mark had something important on his mind. When asked if everything is okay, Mark said that everything is good, and said it with a little smile. Darkblade knows him well enough to be able to tell that the smile is genuine, rather than an “I’m fine” when he actually isn’t. Whatever is preoccupying Mark, it is something that he is happy about, but isn’t sharing with his best friend. And then he looks down at his coffee in an usual way.

    Mark would normally tell him if something big was going on, especially if it’s good news, which people usually want to share. So what big and happy news could be going on in Mark’s life that he wouldn’t share yet even with his best friend, and which would make him conteplate coffee in a new way? From there, the conclusion is obvious.

    It’s being able to put all that together in a couple seconds that makes Darkblade such a brilliant detective.

  7. Oh, I can actually field this one.

    The overarching plot of Lost was unsolvable because there was no overarching plot. They threw things together at random for every episode with no further planning with the intent of making it impossible for anybody to predict what was going to happen.

    The biggest gaffe is that he didn’t figure THAT out before the writers admitted it.

  8. Something tells me that when somebody starts suggesting a “Lost” movie, Paul will be the one to buy the option for it…and oversee the writing personally.

    Or, he could produce “Gilligan’s Island” and have even more fun…

  9. I just love their friendship~

  10. @Paul: That is what I assumed as well.

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