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  1. He was a supervillain in his younger days!

  2. dun dun DUUUUUUN

  3. That’s a rather odd form of address, considering the circumstances.

  4. Aha! Abby’s dad is just his secret identity. This is where we find out he’s really the Evil Brain.

  5. I figured it either had to do with them keeping Quincy out of the loop, or the fact that they weren’t informed before the marriage (but Charlotte was), or that if some villain found out Mark’s secret identity, they could kidnap Abby and she could get hurt. But it probably has to do with the fact that he threw the game they played the other day, and Abby’s dad is upset about that.

  6. Maybe he used to be a vigilante back in a day.
    Or he is worried that his grandkids will inherit Mark’s powers.

  7. Could she be calling him “Mark” and “dear” because she’s trying to keep things from seeming too awkward, otherwise?

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