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  1. And yet not a single hint of super-powered baby? Mark’s origin story must be really interesting if this doesn’t pop in his mind right away.

  2. all of paul’s suggestions are all marvel references. to be specific they are references to what first happened to Franklin Richards, Nathaniel Summers, and the Scarlet Witches twines.

  3. At least a deal with the devil unmaking baby and marriage both wasn’t mentioned.

  4. Thanks, Wurm King; I was hoping somebody would fill me in. I haven’t read actual comics in…a while….

  5. When did that happen to Nathaniel Grey (or Nathan Summers, I’m not sure which one you mean(I couldn’t find a Nathaniel Summers)), I don’t recall that.

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  6. TippyToe Zombie, you problably know Nathan Summers better as Cable.

  7. Nathan Summers has lots of names (Nathan Christopher Charles Gray-Summers Dayspring Askani-son? Something like that. A.K.A. Cable), and a complicated history. He was born the usual way in comics published in the mid-to-late 80s. While a baby, he was infected with a techno-organic virus – basically, turning him into a machine. It was incurable in the present, but someone from the far future, when it was curable, offered to take him in. With no other options, Scott gave up his son.

    Well, unrelatedly, these two guys came along, Cable and Stryfe, a very grim and gritty hero and a megalomaniacal villain, respectively. It was eventually revealed conclusively that Cable was Nate Summers grown up and Stryfe was a clone of him, but for a while it looked like the reverse was true and Stryfe was Nate Summers. So it’s not exactly “aged and become your greatest enemy,” but it’s close enough that that could be what the comic could be referring to.

  8. Wow, a magical construct artificially aged enemy from the future?
    Wait, I missed the commas when I first read through it. My bad. Still, one of those things on its own is weird enough.

  9. @Walker I thought it went without saying that there was a possibility of Mark passing on his powers. It’s certainly not a sure thing, though, as Mark’s powers are not natural for his race (Human).

  10. @Wurm King: The second also was subverted (and the first narrowly avoided) in Spider-Man when it turned out that Gabriel and Sarah Stacy, [spoiler]were actually the children of Norman Osborne, who raised them to believe that Peter Parker had fathered and then abandoned them[/spoiler].

  11. Deof, I’ve gotta say, I thought I’d already heard most of the ridiculous plot points comics had to offer, but I actually hadn’t heard of that yet. OMG That’s like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. XD

  12. You wouldn’t know it but Spidermans gone through like four children who have been killed as babies over and over and over too.

  13. Tippy Toe Zombie to answer your question I was talking about Nathan Summers AKA Cable. Nathan Grey (AKA X-Man) is Cable’s alternate reality Teenage counterpart from the Age of Apocalypse who comes to the main universe after that universe is destroyed or reset. I know its complicated but welcome to marvel comics of the late 80’s and 90’s.

  14. See, this is why I prefer the movies nowadays to the regular Marvel timeline. Heck, I preferred Marvel Adventures to the regular Marvel timeline. I’ve got dozens of webcomics bookmarked, and I plan to start shelling out cash for available books as soon as I can get through this transition in my life, but I really have no interest in collecting Marvel or DC issues anymore.

  15. “…taken to the future, aged, and become your greatest enemy.” Wow, way to predict the Superboy story for Superman/Lois in the new52 (at least as of right now.)

  16. If it weren’t Paul, it’d be SOMEBODY playing devil’s advocate.

  17. Looks to me like Darkblade knows Crusader’s origin and knows it is not genetic, so virtually no chance of superpowered baby.

  18. oh, this made me think of a Fantastic 4 comic book where the Human Torch’s Skrull girlfriend laid an egg…that hatched into a monster!

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