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  1. Oh darn – I just discovered ‘Love and Capes’ last week – and now I’ve read the whole thing!
    (waits, impatiently…).

    Readers here might be interested in a couple of British TV shows from a few years back:

    – ‘My Hero’ is a comedy set in very much the same vein as ‘Love and Capes’, being all about the relationship between the superhero, his girlfriend (later his wife), and her family and workmates. Its really more about her than him, now that I think about it.

    – ‘No Heroics’ is about a bunch of ordinary – no, let’s be honest – pretty hopeless losers, who happen to be… well, pretty hopeless superheroes!

  2. I just started ordering the collections. I really have enjoyed reading this! Where is the web comic in relation to the printed books in reference to the time line?

  3. The web comic is a couple issues into the third trade.

  4. One of the many things that I love about this comic is how much everyone relies on each other. Paul and Zoe have been getting relationship advice from Mark and Abby. But Mark and Abby have both gotten relationship advice from Charlotte, and Mark has gotten it from Paul, and now from Abby’s mom. And Mark and Abby got business advice from Paul and Zoe. It’s wonderfully human. Nobody has all the answers, and they all turn to each other for perspective and advice. (Now, if Abby ever needs to get relationship advice from Zoe, that will be a hoot!)

  5. Abby: “Wow Mark! Dad really seems to be warming up to you now! He’s treating you like the favorite son I thought he already had. What did you do?”
    Mark: “I tactfully asked him to take off my hands, my small collection of personally autographed Amazonia photographs.”
    Abby: “Ah… well, I’d forgotten he was a fan of hers. That’s all it took?”
    Mark: “Perhaps I should have called them my collection of autographed very PERSONAL photos of Amazonia… that she gave me back when we were dating.”
    Abby: “Very…. ‘personal’…” (click) “You still have ‘very personal’ photos of Amazonia!!! GRRR! Show me! Just what did that tramp send you!”
    Mark: “Sorry Hun. Don’t have a single pixel of her left. I gave them all to your Dad.”
    Abby: “…”
    Mark: “Feel free to ask him to see them if you like. Would be an interesting conversation.”
    Abby. “…Well played Mark.”

  6. O.o

  7. I laughed at your comment, Hinoron. “Well played”, indeed! 🙂

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