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  1. Just finished reading through the archives, and I wanted to say this is an awesome comic. You got yourself a new fan.

  2. Hurry up, or something’s going to attack them. Sheesh.

  3. haha exactly!

  4. Was there a point to this strip?

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. @Sojiro

    Umm, what?

  7. anyone else feel like the priest is about to whip off his vestments and turn out to be a villian?

  8. @Richard Green aka Mainframe
    Thanks for the explanation!

  9. It says something kind of sad that anyone could respond to such a beautiful, eloquent and sacred ceremony with “was there a point to this?”

    I think the whole sequence has been done beautifully, Thom. I especially like the way you handled the wedding – just the right amount of spice for adventure without going over into ludicrous drama.

  10. l:p I really don’t like this part of weddings. It’s kind of boring.

  11. Although, this comic is great!

  12. I appreciate that at least some of the ceremony is being shown; very few comic strips (or stories, really) ever do this, and it is actually very meaningful
    “man and wife! say man and wife!”
    Just had to throw the Princess Bride reference in 🙂

  13. You know, that last panel, with just a tiny change in lighting could make it seem so much more sinister.

  14. Again, “boring” is a sad sentiment. However, everything’s handled well. (By the way, “You didn’t say ‘I do,” did you? You didn’t say it, you didn’t do it!” Heh.)

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