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  1. Coffee Whore! (She only loves him for his coffee) =OP

  2. Is he going to tell her that Paul figured it out, or isn’t he? The suspense is killing me!

  3. @NoRAd:
    She already knows.
    How, you ask?
    She’s a wife.
    They know these things long before the husband does.
    Paranoid? Who says I’m paranoid?
    Seriously – I’m gonna need those names.

  4. OH – OH – OH!!!?!
    Another possibility (from the previous page) that Paul didn’t cover:
    – Perhaps Abby’s baby will be Windstar’s re-incarnation?

  5. It seems to me that maybe she could switch to decaf, but that would give up the funny.

  6. I dunno, DMC, it seems like Windstar’s abilities are genetically coded to every other generation of his family. Might not be possible.

  7. Coffe. The Abby’s Aphrodisiac.

  8. Then again, this *could* work in Mark’s favor, too… 😉

  9. Well, she could have coffee… as long as she switched to decaf. Or ones with very minute amounts, so no espressos.

    Wonder if she’s going to binge on coffee the last week, and the kid turns into a speedster, heh.

  10. That’s true, Saeko, but I was only picturing the “recycling” of Windstar’s life-force, or “soul”, if you will.
    His powers, his memories – even his gender – are entirely separate matters,
    & needn’t be included.

    Perhaps only Doctor Karma would be able to ascertain with certainty…?

  11. Get the woman a decaf (or have Doc Karma lie and tell her she can drink the real thing).

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