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  1. Is that a time traveller lurking below the bubble saying “husband”?

  2. Looks like it, Bo.

  3. Holy hell, you’re right!

  4. Looks like Abigail traveled back in time to be present at her own wedding.

  5. Wow – good eyes Bo! I saw Abby’s new employee Jason on the far right, but I totally missed her sitting back in her family’s side of the church. I hope she has a story for when someone asks, “So who are you again?”

  6. @Bo Lindbergh good eye dude

  7. Zoe looks kinda wrinkly, what with all those extra lines on her…

  8. @ Xero Ha, nice pun.

  9. Shouldn’t Amazonia be on the bride side if the back story is she met Abby through the book signing and they really hit it off. Also, why is Mark’s physician so close to the front? (And how does either of them know Blur?)

    And it would still be cool to learn why the other people are drawn more “realistically” than the normal L&C characters.

  10. @jmucchiello While I agree with the Amazonia thing, he probably put it that way to have the superheroes together in one aisle. They’re also closer to the front to emphasize them as opposed to the other random people further back, though realistically they’d probably be mixed in with the crowd somewhere. Blur can easily be written off as a friend to Mark as to why he’s there.

  11. Cameos! 😀

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