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  1. Poor Mark, 0-for-2.
    He (and Abby too I guess) really are horrible at this ‘keeping a secret’ thing.

  2. Looks like the good doc has been taking lessons from Darkblade.

  3. They’re in a doctor’s office and grinning like loonies. Not hard to add up, 1+1 = 3

  4. Man and a woman had a little baby… and there were three, it’s the magic number.

  5. I love that song.

  6. It’s amazing those two can keep any sort of a secret…;P

  7. Hey, don’t get physic with me, fella.
    Nothing psychic about it. You’re easy.

  8. besides, Mark, you should know by now, that Dr. Karma can’t read Abby’s mind, that has been established for quite some time now. So the proper question would have been “Have you read my mind?”, not “our minds”. ^^

    And yeah, those faces in panel 2 say it all.

  9. It was easy, Mark. “A married couple scheduled a doctor’s appointment on short notice (not a checkup), appear happy (not something bad)… what does that leave? Ah, must be pregnant.”
    Though, Syncline, they likely had no intentions of keeping it secret from the good doctor – they just wanted to tell him rather than him guessing it. Kind of hard for him to help them with the pregnancy if he has no idea it exists.

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