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  1. Oh my god, they are bonding 🙂 nice one.

  2. This is excellent. When Mark told Abby’s mom that he had a way to make the special effort, I was wondering if it would involve asking her father’s help with home projects, showing that he’s needed and still has an important role.

  3. Man, Mark is so sweet– his “cape name” should be SuperMensch :-).

  4. Well played 🙂
    I was thinking that Antarctica was a nice gesture, but it was still really about what Mark could do as the Crusader. Showing him what he *can’t* do, that super-powers don’t come with knowledge or experience, perfectly seals this bond.

  5. Aye…

  6. “My nose hairs are freezing together and it’s getting hard to breathe. Yeah, I’m about ready to go.”

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