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  1. So…. Not twins.

  2. this reminds me of a sad comic story…Lois Lane managed to get pregnant with Superman’s child, BUT the baby gave a super-strong kick…that killed her.

    that was in the “Armageddon 2001” mini-series.

  3. And of course, Larry Niven’s “Man of Steel/Woman of Kleenex”

  4. And now he spells her that she will be able to drink coffee again

  5. Super powered baby properly needs more nutrients than a normal baby.

  6. Superbabies would still be a relatively new phenomenon (probably) in your ‘verse just as it has been in the more “mainstream” ones, with potential dangers both foreseeable and unforeseeable beyond “–Woman of Kleenex” and “Armageddon 2001.” Franklin Richards and his sister’s previous incarnation (the one Sue lost) come to mind…

  7. There’s no particular guarantee the baby even has superpowers, and if he/she does they are not guaranteed to match up with the father’s.

  8. Savvy superheroes always take extra steps, even when it probably won’t be necessary. That said to quote several female leads in a team with male super heroes “men, everything the hard way”

  9. Of course, that’s assuming that powers are biological and activate before birth. Which is a reasonable assumption for Kryptonians, but not for Mark.
    Still, that is a pretty disturbing thought.

  10. @Jerden: At one point Superman’s powers were explained as weirdly-evolved-for-survival-in-Krypton’s-environment psionic abilities (see Fantastic Films #2, “The Powers of Kal-El” by Clyde Jones). Given there’s some debate about when conscious thought actually begins in utero, such a superchild probably wouldn’t pull a “Carrie” on his mother’s spleen…;)

  11. Superman got his powers from the Yellow Sun. Since Clark Jr would not get much sun in there, Lois (once Klenex-Girl managed to get pregnant) would not be in that much danger.

    As far as I know, Crusader’s source of power has not been shown. If it’s some sort of super-reaction to coffee, yeah, she’s going to be really miserable for another 8 mo.

  12. *record screech*

  13. @georg: If Superman really got his powers from the light of a yellow sun, he’d either look like a solar panel or a tree. However, the sun’s efflux does charge the Earth with electromagnetic charges that could empower a psionic-ish superperson. Especially now, Abby makes a good conductor…

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