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  1. I was really wondering how he carried his father-in-law. Damsel-in-distress-style in both arms out front would just seem really awkward.

  2. I think he’s cold.

  3. Lol NoRAd, I think you’re right.

  4. Hmm..? No Monday strip? Please don’t tell me I started reading them the day after it ends!

  5. Posting should resume next Wednesday. I didn’t realize I was running this low and I’m about to leave for HeroesCon. I’ll have to start formatting strips when I return.

  6. Enjoy HeroesCon 🙂 so looking forward to each update of this comic.

  7. That’s a relief… spent most of Sunday laughing ’til my sides hurt; would hate to think it’s over!
    Have fun at the Con…

  8. @Herefishyfishy Hi Elle!

  9. So going more than bout 60 mph is going to get pretty uncomfortable for pops and I doubt he could take more than 120 tops…whick means hours of flight time to get anywhere. Even at supersonic (rip him to shreds) speeds the south pole is a long way from the US.

  10. @Hmmm
    I’ve been thinking about this myself, and with all the times they’ve done supersonic transatlantic flight, I just chalk it up to some sort of shielding powers the Crusader has. Basically…BECAUSE MAGIC!

  11. Believe it, or not… (Heh.) 😀

  12. Hahaha, good one, Dad!

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