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  1. “Honey, remember the dinner scene from Alien?”

  2. This is a super baby (holds up sledge hammer), this is your uterus (holds up egg, sets egg on ground and readies hammer), and this is what happens when a super baby kicks in your uterus (slams down hammer with all of his god-like strength, sending all of the egg’s atoms on separate vacations). Any questions?

  3. Yes. Where can I get a hammer like that?

  4. Ah, the couples variant of the “woman of kleenex” conumdrum… as an aside, it’s even more of a valid worry in Crusader’s case than Superman’s as, at least in post-crisis comics it took Clark several years unltil he really got superstrength. No such “guarantee” (yes, i know Armageddon 2001 totally crapped in my previous point and logic for the sake of a tale) with Crusader as long as we have no idea of what his power source is.

  5. …Wait, didn’t Mark get his powers after puberty hit?

  6. It’s amusing how Doc Karma keeps floating his patients when he wants to work on them.

    Side note: We’ve seen a football kicked into orbit before, for anyone who saw the “Son of Flubber” movie from back in 1963. (Thanks, IMDB.) It was a sequel to “The Absent-Minded Professor”, long before the Robin Williams “Flubber” remake. In “Son of Flubber” a football was kicked into orbit, not because the kicker was super strong, but because the ball was filled with antigravity flubber gas.

    I haven’t seen the Robin Williams version, but the two originals, “The Absent-Minded Professor” and “Son of Flubber”, are wonderful old Disney classics.

  7. You’re not missing anything, but Princess Airel play a robot with an Electra complex.

  8. Mark’s powers did hit after puberty, but were acquired (I understand TZ’s original plan was the same as the one used in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”…if we ever meet the Evil Brain, and he’s got a body, please don’t make him look like Eddie Izzard. But if you want to pull an “Ultra-Humanite” and make him look like Uma Thurman…DON’T JUDGE ME!!), he’s not a mutant. Chances are the kid’s powers won’t hit ’til pooberty (Johnny Carson’s preferred pronunciation of the P-word).

  9. Well this point was finally brought up. But here is the question, does that means that Doc Karma knows how Mark became The Crusader?

  10. @Jormuungaand: Maxwell? (Obscure Beatles refs. Shoot me.)

  11. That’s an excellent question, Walker.

  12. @K. Alan McDougall

    Bang Bang

  13. Yes Jesse. Are you planning to clean that up? I’m definitely not!

  14. That’s how they killed one alternate future version of Lois Lane in the first reboot of DC during the Byrne era. Apparently even though Superman’s powers in the reboot didn’t manifest until well after puberty apparently the combination with human genetics had it manifesting at least superstrength in the womb and killed her and himself while kicking. He then abandoned Earth for a while, hooked up with Maxima (who as a superhuman could handle something like that) and returned to Earth with her to make Earth part of her empire. But reading that future ensured it never was going to happen (which was a good thing for Lois).

  15. in the comic miniseries “armageddon 2001” there was a story where Lois Lane died from a super-baby kick…

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