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  1. Pa Kent tried…
    See 0:38.

  2. Technically, you can…just have Mark do it. lol

  3. Did Doc Karma just out Mark and Abby’s child as a boy? Or was Doc using “he” and ‘his” in the grammatically generic sense, which is hardly ever used anymore? Why did the parents accept this news so nonchalantly? Even Abby refers to the baby as “him”. Wouldn’t the use of the preventative spell be what’s blocking Doc from accurately seeing the baby’s future?

    How does a parent decide whether he/she wants their child to have super powers? Or is like a box they hand their child when they deem him responsible enough to take on said powers and say, “Well, it’s your choice on whether you want to open it. You have a 50/50 chance you’ll have powers, but we’ll love you either way.” What if Doc Karma isn’t around at that point to unlock the spell at that point? Now, it makes me wonder if Mark got his powers that way, which is why he wasn’t “born” into them.

    You opened a multitude of thoughts and possibilities with this one strip, Thom. Well done!

  4. I thought it will be girl because we didn’t see any blue around the second spark in docs aura vision

  5. What happens if Doc Karma were to die (again)? Would the spell automatically lift or would it be permanent until a more powerful magic user does a counter spell or until his eventual resurrection.

  6. You know…these kind of considerations never came up to me until now. I mean, it would be pretty bad, like Twilight-monster-birth bad, if you consider the mom to be all normal and your baby to be super powered.

    And also spanking, hard to do when you don’t feel it or it feels more like tickling than anything XD

  7. LiC What happens if Doc Karma were to die (again)?

    Not a problem. You just wait a few days until he comes back to life. 🙂

  8. “You can’t spank an invulnerable bottom.”? Is Abby speaking from experience? Wink, wink.

  9. Wait, so Mark got his powers later on, right? Otherwise, Mark’s mom would also have been in danger, no?

  10. I don’t personally approve of corporal punishment (children can be trained without resorting to “the rod”; takes longer, but it’s just as effective and doesn’t run the risk of “breaking” them…my 4th-grade teacher has/had a lot to answer for); on the plus side for this strip, isn’t it interesting that Mark and Abby are using a “prophylactic” after the fact? ;)-

  11. Well, now we know the child will be a boy, and I see no problem with TEMPORARILY taking away the powers.

    Consider a hypothetical family. Grampa dies, leaving his souped up sports car to his grandkid. Grandkid is only six years old. You would not give that kid the car. It “belongs” to him, he “owns” it, but wait until he is old enough to understand the responsibility before handing over the keys.

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