Okay, I just noticed that I’d doubled-up this strip. So it would have run on Friday and Monday. But, because of the ComicPress engine, just moving the next 40 strips up a week isn’t a small thing. So, I moved the next strip up to 6/10, splitting the difference.

I’m sorry for the delay by a day, but hopefully things get less messy from here.

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  1. Which rule is the gender bending one? 34?

  2. ….Oh my gosh, he isn’t going to use a spell to turn himself into a woman is he?

  3. He could bring in his cousin, like Superman or Hulk. Possibly, a parallel dimension’s female version of himself. Aren’t doppelgangers fun?

  4. We could find out that he has a wife and/or daughter.

  5. Five bucks says he’s going to bring in Amazonia.

  6. He may have an disciple/pupil of the opposite gender like Dr. Strange at least once in the past did.
    That said if that disciple/pupil is from another dimension it might NOTHING like another woman actually. 😛

    Wait and see i guess.

  7. It looks like they’re spending a fair bit of time here in his lair. Unless time is suspended back in his “normal” office, this is a lot of time that someone could poke their head into the room looking for him. They would find that the room which had three people in it is inexplicably empty, and later those three people emerge again from the empty room. Maybe all of his office staff are in on his secret. Or perhaps he does a magical memory whammy on them whenever this happens.

  8. He’s using his powers to push the next update back a day, hoping Abby will get sick of waiting.

  9. @Jasae Maybe “he” is going to cancel the illusion spell that make her look like a man.

  10. I’m afraid I snuck ahead via another site and already know the answer to this question, but wouldn’t it be interesting to have a superhero who had “the operation”?

    Okay, just for me then.

  11. He refers her to a female Dr Octopus from Atlantis

  12. He’s just getting his Rolodex (of DOOM) and giving her a referral (of DOOM) to a female OB/GYN (of DOOM). He is only a general practitioner, after all.

  13. Lol, the magickal art of genderbending.

  14. Wouldn’t be interesting if Dr. Doom WAS a medical doctor…such as an OB/GYN? You can be sure his Latverian patients wouldn’t complain about cold hands. ;)-

  15. Didn’t he have a female counterpart somewhere? Maybe he’ll just bring her in…

  16. Maybe he will ask Lady of the Flame?
    She’ll probably will quip about her burning through medical books when Dr. Karma was in his Hurr Durr imma Wizardurr i need not to study medicine phase in his teens.

  17. I love how she forgets that Mark has super hearing and can easily overhear this little side conversation.

  18. SilentSooYun, that’s hilarious. I don’t think I would want to send my wife to an OB/GYN of DOOM. I don’t know what the result would be, but it just couldn’t be good.

  19. Bah. Had a comment up first asking if rule 34 was the gender bending rule (it wasn’t, it’s rule 63) and it’s still awaiting moderation.

  20. Porthos, I think she pulled him aside more for his benefit than her own.

  21. @Jasae Bushae

    Must be by marriage. Unlike dentists, Doom is above petty torture.

    But imagine Victor as an obstetrician: “You WILL have a healthy delivery! So demands…DOOM!”
    And darned if the deliveries weren’t healthy (vibrating like Chihuahuas, but healthy)…

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