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  1. *gasp* Hehehehehehehehe I wonder where this is going?

  2. Is this really the end, as in the end of the end? No more episodes? #276? Aww…. But it has been great nonetheless. Thanks!

  3. I see that you’ve found it, but just to let you know that since these are repurposed from the original comics, the “the ends” and all are still in them. Besides, it’s the end of that particular story anyway.

  4. @Charlotte yea i was fearful of that 2 glad i was wrong

  5. Wow, not only has he compressed it into a diamond, but a PERFECTLY CUT diamond as well. Now that’s impressive.

  6. He’s talented. He’s got skills like that, and what-not.

  7. With his insignia in the background, I originally thought it was a snowglobe (which may have been a useful present the next time Mark’s mom visits).

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