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  1. Ah, the Saturn Girl pink bikini.

    I like to think she got sick & tired of being admired for her brain & said, “I have a body, too, dammit!”


  2. Help me out; I can’t place the third one, the purple with the white triangle.

    Love Mark programming up a chair and something to read while he waits.

  3. Evil Mary Marvel’s outfit. The black leather miniskirt one.

  4. Why does the SuperGirl outfit have a T automatically despite her not having chosen her name yet.

  5. @TippyToe Zombie
    because the S is copyrighted

  6. @ TTZ
    All these outfits are copies of existing superheroines’ costumes. The idea was she could see them on her holo-model and then when she finds one she likes, tweak the details, like the colour scheme and logos.

    I do love how Mark has settled himself in for this show. All he needs is a bag of popcorn! ^_^

  7. Hey! I actually like old school Black Canary!

  8. I *LOVED* evil Mary Marvel’s costume. Recreated it on one of my City of Heroes toons immediately.

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