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    Wait, wrong wedding. (Still, totally unfair! XD)

  2. Well, she does have the advantage of height.

  3. Even if she didn’t have the height advantage, SHE CAN FREAKING FLY! Maybe a little unfair.

  4. Yeah, I laughed.

  5. Charlotte will find a romantic beau in Paris; she has nothing to worry about when it comes to love. After the confusion Amazonia has felt, she deserves a bouquet.

  6. And she didn’t even cheat 🙂

  7. Heh, at my brother’s wedding the bouquet sailed over everyone’s heads, just missing the girl in front of me, (we were at the back of the crowd) I helpfully reached down, picked it up and made to hand it to her, completely missing the significance! I had “caught” the bouquet!

  8. I was playing piano for a wedding a number of years back, and the bouquet landed near the piano. They began to act as if the bouquet was meant for me at that time when 1) I’m a guy, and again, guys aren’t involved with the bouquet toss, but with the garter toss, 2) I hadn’t touched it, it had simply landed near the piano, and 3) I had no intention of claiming it. It was the bouquet. It was for the women.

    Finally, one of them went to where it had landed and retrieved it, and another tried to go after it as well. The first who went after it got to claim it.

    …Gimme a break. 😀

  9. I agree with Jaya and MisterTeatime. I look forward to seeing how Zoe fares, and I am happy for her! 🙂

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