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  1. It’s life, jim, but not as we know it.
    Not as we know it
    Not as we know it
    It’s life, jim, but not as we know it.

  2. I had a sneaking suspicion.

  3. Im getting Doctor Who flashbacks XD

  4. Dali Clock!

    Was that there before?


  5. Jasae, how is this giving you DW flashes?

    And Doctoress Karma is awesome. ^_^

  6. The DC character Dr. Occult shares his body with a woman, and can switch back and forth at will. That’s what this reminds me of.

  7. Could be an alternate universe equivalent the good doc called into for help.
    That said, the Dr. Occult/Rose Psychic option is a pretty awesome alternative.

  8. AAAAAAAAAAhahahahahah, I goddamn knew it xD

  9. “I’m a Doctor…but not the one you were expecting.”

    Paul McGann’s long-awaited catchphrase, which made its debut in Doctor Who’s “Day of the Doctor” prequel “Night of the Doctor.”

    You have to say this for Doc Karma…he/she goes the extra mile for his patients…;)-

  10. @Rens:

    So…are you going to pay each of us $5, or will you divide it up equally?: XD

  11. I’m guessing alternate reality Dr. Karma, not body switching Dr. Karma.

  12. “Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatel Death” starring Rowan Atkinson as 8th, Richard E. Grant as 9th (first time as DW, see “Scream of the Shalka” and he’s also 11th’s villain: Great Intelligence, see “The Snowman”), Jim Broadbent as 10th (second time spoofing DW, see Victoria Wood), Hugh Grant as 11th (Matt Smith’ number) who’s death also kills 12th (no actor) and as the 13th doctor not Peter Capaldi (yes 13th, John Hurt thing makes Peter 13th) but Joanna Lumley.
    Side note: the 5th and real 10th (not counting John Hurt) are father and son-in-law; so the 15th doctor has already been casted.

  13. I forgot to mention Georgia Moffett who is the fifth doctor, Peter Davison’s daughter and the tenth doctor, David Tennart’s wife. Georgia, who played Jenny, the 10th doctor’s daughter in “the Doctor’s Daughter”.

    So does this mean she married her father?

  14. Mark’s expression in panel 4…Bahahaha! I get the feeling he’s never seen that particular trick before.

  15. LOL!
    Parallel universe Lady Karma.
    We shall call her Larma.
    And she shall be our Larma.
    All hail Larma.

  16. If it is an alternate dimension female Karma, this could be just as weird for her, if she’s just come from consulting Marcy “The Crusader” and Andy on Marcy’s expected baby.
    Weird mental image there…

  17. Well, you know what they say. Karma’s a B****.

  18. Or in this case, a cheeky bastard.

  19. @Evil Brain: Rowan Atkinson played the (now-alternate) 9th Doctor. And in terms of regenerations, not bodies, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is actually the 14th. As for Georgia “So let’s see Jenny again already” Moffett…well, all girls want to marry their father. Or is that boys with their mothers? ;)-

  20. Actually, if you picked up the DVD of “The War Games,” it included clips from the fan film “Devious” that linked “The War Games” with “Spearhead from Space” and in addition to having a guest appearance by Jon Pertwee, introduced the idea of a “mid-regeneration” Doctor. So Capaldi could, in a sense, be #15. Doctor Who is just wonderfully f***ed up, isn’t it?

  21. Anyone else has the song “Dude looks like a Lady” playing in their head right now?

  22. @LiC i have a voice of Patricia Hayes playing Fin Raziel saying – I’m a young beautiful woman.

  23. As a Superman fan, suffice it to say that I could have been knocked over with a feather when my mother told me that, had I been born a girl, my name would have been “Lois.”

    I won’t say I would have been the prettiest one of the three girls, but I’d probably be the one most likely to go into porn…;)-

  24. LoL, He pulled a “Star Hawk”

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