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  1. This is quite possibly the funniest joke that I’ve ever seen on here.

  2. XD That is indeed awesome–and something building owners everywhere in Super Hero Universes undoubtedly wish more super heroes would contemplate!

  3. Loved this! I’m glad he still can learn new things that helps both personas. Glad you’re back. We missed you!

  4. He never considered the walls when he was living in an apartment? Dear lord, just THINK of the security deposit!

  5. Are you kidding I am surprised there is no Supervillian called The Contractor who goads heroes into throwing his henchmen through walls so that the next day he can come around and make a killing in repairs!

  6. Congratulations, Grixtius, you have just -created- that supervillain; if you think of it, and particularly if you mention it on the internet, it now exists. (Also, Rule 34 and rule 63 now apply as well, but enough said about those..)

  7. dosen’t he have to be in a story to exsist

  8. The Retcontractor. Continuity changed while you wait. Reasonable rates. Bonded & Insured.
    You won’t believe life could ever have been any different!
    Our guarantee: If you don’t love our work, we’ll remodel you again.
    Heck, if you even remember our work, we’ll remodel you again…

  9. Niiiice.

    though? or through* Seems to be a bit of a typo.

  10. i remember an old cartoon called “bat fink”, and a villian in that cartoon called “the sonic boomer”: he flew an airplane over the city and made sonic booms to break windows…to make more business for his window factory!

  11. Yeah, it does say “though”…so it needs an R in there.

  12. Exsqueeze me…? Uh, baking powder? Rule 34 and Rule 63 exist somewhere, you’re saying?

    …I was having an interesting enough time just realizing that, yes, keeping the home up would making-up drywalls seem entirely different. …Aside from crashing through them, going through looking-glasses, or whatever.

  13. (Great. There’s my typo, again. I meant “make making-up drywalls”. …And that’s repetitive. I really need to proofread and rewrite more often.)

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