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  1. Wait, why would that matte–Oh.

  2. I don’t understand this tradition. Can someone explain?

  3. Another reader who just made it through the archive after finding this through theherobiz.
    An absolutely fantastic series. You have yourself another dedicated fan.

  4. Ozimul: After the wedding, the bride throws her bouquet, and the single women try to catch it, it’s a good luck omen for being the next to get married. The groom….throws a garter….elastic band used to decorate/used to be support for stockings. The single men try to catch it. And then the man who catches the garter gets to put it on leg of the gal who caught the bouquet. Allll the way up above the knee.

    Great comic as always!

  5. Humph, in my younger days I caught the garter at two different weddings, but that’s the first time I ever heard of the perk. BTW, I’ve just finished my Archive Trawl after being sent here from The Hero Business, and am loving it!

  6. I’ve seen it both ways. It seems like it’s the bride and groom’s preference whether you do that or have the catchers dance or just have a photo together. It does seem more common to NOT have the garter placed on the person who caught the bouquet these days (perhaps to avoid to awkward situation where a brother has to put it on his sister or something like that.) I’ve also seen versions that nix the garter toss altogether (the bouquet generally is still tossed though.)

  7. I was at a wedding in my 20s where one of my same-age friends caught the garter. Unfortunately, the bouquet and garter catching is usually reserved for eligible singles, and not the 8 year old girl who had caught the bouquet. Many tears from the young girl (presumably after it was explained to her just what she has caught herself into) and much embarrassment for my buddy later, a stand-in was appointed for the young lady.

  8. The traditional also holds that the higher the garter is pushed up the woman’s leg, the better the marriage will be.

    Done properly, both tosses are fixed. The wedding party knows who will be getting married next and act as blockers so that the next bride and groom to receive both parts. This also avoids the awkward situation of the man and woman hopefully already being sufficiently comfortable with one another to push the garter rather far up her leg.

  9. Yes, my girlfriend took me with her to her uncle’s wedding, where she caught the bouquet and I caught the garter. In accordance with the tradition specified by jmucchiello, I slid that garter as far up her leg as I could! We were both laughing and giddy, and now, as tradition would have it, we are, in fact, very happily married! 😀

  10. Question: did the guy who slid the garter up Amazonia’s leg survive fully…intact? 😉

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