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  1. A prankster Ms. Dr. Karma.
    How is she not a supervillian?

  2. Oh… I just noticed…

    The Two Doctors’ costumes have shifting colors like Princess Celestia’s mane.

    On purpose or too hard to draw the colors in the same place each time?

  3. My guess is that it is on purpose *because* it would be too hard to draw the colors in the same place each time. Regardless, it’s neat.

  4. The latter, I suspect, Jayessell. Most artists have a difficult time not only keeping such things consistent in static poses, they have trouble keeping them when their characters are moving and twisting dynamically. It can be done, of course, but it’s the reason why most artists don’t do it very often.

    If they can’t do it, they have three options: Reduce the complexity of their drawings to eliminate all but the most obvious of stripe locations (think Charlie Brown’s infamous one-zigzag shirt). They can do magical hand-waving on exact locations of stripes, plaid, polkadots, etc., and just ignore the fact they shift around. And they can use premade texture packets, such as a plaid shirt ignoring the laws of sleeves bending from arms bending, and the plaid texture always remains consistently oriented with a static background image. (A very popular choice for digital art.)

    There are a few that are spot-on consistent every single time, however, and these artists don’t flinch from either complexity or position changes. One of them is Thunt (Tarol Hunt), creator of the (currently on hiatus) webcomic Goblins. He very carefully keeps track of every spot, stripe, cut, blood drip (and yes, the trickles do continue to grow until the cut stops bleeding), plus the ragged edges of every puddle, splash, so on and so forth.

    The fifth option is what Thom is doing here, and that is to deliberately incorporate the shifting qualities. Most of his characters’ clothes are either of the simple clean lines variety or the vague handwaving of “It was approximately like this in the last panel, that plaid’s good enough for me, I’m done,” variety. However, Doc Karma’s tunic is a visual reminder that he is the prime sorcerer of Earth in this particular webcomic universe. The shifting auras and bubble rings are a deliberate visual effect. With Ms. Doc Karma, it’s the exact same reason: she’s the prime sorceress of her version of Earth in one of the alternate universes for this particular webcomic’s unverse/multiverse.

    …I personally like the fact that his shirt does shift and flow in colors and bubble-rings…

  5. Ooooooooooh, you’ve got me. Prankster-minded alter-him being her, quite funny and relaxed… didn’t seen that one coming xD

  6. Thought so. 🙂
    After they examined Windstar’s body, I figured Doc Karma had facile access to other dimensional representations of himself, at least one of which was bound to be female.
    I love this comic!

  7. “Your Universe” “I am”. Looks like he got his transdimensional pronouns down.

  8. Well color me completely surprised. XD
    This is still a pretty clever workaround on Doctor Karma’s end though.
    It makes me wonder if he regularly consults with himself on things

  9. Two heads are better than one! (Sorry, Jasae, I literally couldn’t help myself.)

    On a more serious note, this is a much more respectful response to her request than a shapeshifting spell would have been, so I am happy. 🙂

  10. Alternate ‘verse Doctor, called it. 😛

  11. Tell me I’m not the only one that thinks this would make a great youtube live action series….

  12. Why Youtube, Bland?

  13. @Saeko because it would be hard to explain to the producers that this isn’t a blatant rip-off of Lois And Clark but an independent, original idea, with present and potential success that fills niche of Family and Superhero in it genre.

  14. @ Bland: I still think it would work better as an animated series (part of the beauty of shows like “Justice League Unlimited” was that in many instances the voice actors could have done the part in live action as well…but as long as the voice casting is right, we know that we have the actual character on screen).

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