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  1. Oh, wouldn’t it be something if Quincy and Amazonia started dating after this…
    It would get interesting pretty fast.

  2. Quincy with Amazonia? Oh, please no. Much like Mark, I can not stand the fellow, and that would mean more screen time for him 🙁

  3. I’m not sure. If Quincy dated Amazonia, it might improve both of them.

  4. I don’t know; dating Amazonia might stroke his ego to the point of exhaustion.

  5. I’m with Swamp Thang. I think that Quincy would help ground Amazonia. I’m not so sure what she would do for him though.

  6. @numaron : She’d probably teach him a thing or two about respect, and/or fear. Their egos would eventually give.

    Plus, could be cute. And they might have a common interest in sports or something. XD

  7. Is it just me, or does Amazonia seem to have a bit of a predatory look on her face? Quincy seems to be a tad worried there, judging from the look on his face.

  8. Yeah, I think I’d look a bit worried, too, if Amazonia was twiddling my ear with her toes like that….

  9. I like her look, reminding him to not put TOO much into the task!

  10. Oh, I hope Quincy and Amazonia have fun and improve each other, as Swamp suggested. I do love the look on her face. It seems less like a warning to me and more like flirting! 😀

  11. Actually, Amazonia’s face reminds me of a cat as it begins to tortures a mouse before it eats it

  12. Ha, I like Mark’s father’s comment. My first wife and I had an outdoor wedding and it absolutely POURED rain that day. We had at least half a dozen people tell us some old saying about “every drop of rain that falls on the wedding means a year of good luck for the marriage”, or something like that. Heck, even if each drop of rain only meant a *day* of good luck, we should have been good for a few thousand years. But you’ll notice I said she was my FIRST wife…

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