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  1. You women…you forget us men can be so…so…vulnerable…*waaaahhhh…*

    Getting off topic for a mo, does Mark’s invulnerability mean that he can’t get drunk? I imagine the closest he would get would be in a fight with a Hulk-class villain and getting punched through the main vat at the George Keifer Brewery…

    (That’s an “Adventures of Superman”-related joke. And that’s as far as I’m going to explain it…

  2. And yes, I forgot to add the ) at the end.

  3. …that is an unexspected perk of F.I.S.S. superpowers

  4. I always wonder how does a person with invulnerability and super strength workout? When you can lift ever thing with ease and without straining yourself, how do defined your muscles? If Mark’s invulnerability keeps him gaining pounds of fat, shouldn’t it keep him from gaining massive muscle mass?

  5. Evil Brain: Maybe Mark uses isometrics (works for Doc Savage…) and eats like a bodybuilder (just not in Abby’s presence).

    Oh, what the hell: that earlier reference to the “George Keifer Brewery” has to do with George Reeves’ birth name: George Keifer Brewer. “Bessolo” was his stepfather’s name.

  6. In Incredibles we saw Mr. Incredible getting in shape by using trains as his lifting weights. I’m guessing he probably has a rig set up in the satellite that lets him work out in a similar manner. Assuming he has to work out and his body doesn’t just maintain this level by itself, like Captain Hammer.

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