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  1. Also, considering who bought it, it’s not a big deal. They’re both filthy rich.

  2. Love Abby’s outfit 🙂

  3. It took me far longer than it should have to realize he was holding a telavision. XD

  4. Thom, you are in the moving truck business too? What a versatile man!

  5. Love the preppy outfit. And the door. “Pink and lime green are the ultimate colors!”

  6. The boots don’t look bad on her, either. 😀

  7. The fun part about these new tvs is that they are so light, anybody can carry them that way and feel like a super hero. When my mom got her new 4k tv, she was prepared for the two of us to carry it up the stairs, and I just picked it up and carried it like it was nothing. It was great.

  8. Sad thing is those flatscreens are so light, its not even impressive for him to be carrying it in like that.

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