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  1. Wouldn’t it of been Marquette Tennyson?

  2. …and if there was any doubt about the Doctor’s twisted sense of humor, it is resolved now.

  3. I have a continuity question. Mark has mentioned his origin story in which he got his powers before, which I took to mean that he was a normal baby. Why would Doc Karma have to oversee his birth if he wasn’t a super yet? Unless his mums there just happened to have Doc’s normal side as her family practitioner?

  4. Oh. I should also mention. I LOVE your comic. The characters and story are very engaging. So much so, that my fiancee’ who does not really enjoy web comics at all, reads this avidly along with myself. 😀

  5. Well, we don’t know what their world may be like. It could very well be a matriarchal system where men take on the last name of the women they marry, etc, etc, etc…

  6. No BloodPlum, the doctor is from a world where EVERYONE’s gender opposite. So either husbands take their wives’ names or Marquette would of have had Abby’s mother’s maiden name, instead of Tennyson. Actually, Marquette and her husband would never have known the names of Spencer nor Tennyson because all maternal and fraternal names would have been switched from the start of family names. So BloodPlum, your gender opposite could have been PlasmaCalamari instead of PlasmaPlum.

  7. Well, since “Tennyson” means “Son of Tenny,” it would hark back to someone named from a father called Tenny. In a universe where the *wife* decides the name, the “daughter” rather than the “son” names would survive after switching to a common family name passed down through the generations. Notice all the “dottir” names in Iceland where they still name children from the father.

  8. I’m beginning to realize that the rare name “Tenny” is a variant of “Dennis.” What would a gender-switched version be, and what would the daughter be called?

  9. I’ve been seeing this question a lot, so here’s my answer. Mark’s powers did develop as a teenager, but now that Mark does have them, that could change all sorts of things with his physiology and genetics. In Mark’s case, Mark’s father wasn’t super, so there was no need to worry about it.

    With this being the first time through, Mark and Doc Karma are being extra careful since there’s no existing history of what they can expect.

  10. Note to Mark: If your counterpart in that dimension is female, Paul’s almost certainly is too.

  11. I guessed it. But I suppose it was pretty obvious.
    Of course, with Marquette, you’d possibly have the opposite problem to Abby’s.

  12. First of all, as I recall Mark’s powers had a “secret origin” that was originally like the one used in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”…and therefore abandoned for one TZ has, I’m sure, found a replacement for.

    There’s another explanation for the “Tennyson” name used in a matriarchal reality: something happened, possibly quite recently, to switch the genders of everyone living there. Until “Enterprise” came out with a certain excellent two-parter in its final season, I thought the Mirror Universe went evil comparatively recently…too many people still existed in both universe; a divergence any earlier (say, no more recently than Chekov’s birth) should have precluded the existence of a number of them.

    Ah, Doc Karma..at least we can be fairly sure he shaves his head (his counterpart doesn’t seem to be suffering from the female forms of baldness). And he is certainly not above putting the good-natured tease on his friends. I doubt Paul will needle Mark too much; remember, he and Zoe have switched-gender counterparts there, too (maybe not Zoe…that Amazonia could be a very frustrated girl).

  13. Draxxic, if you’re questioning why Doc Karma oversaw Mark’s birth, he didn’t. The text in this panel that points to ‘Marquette’, was referring to her being a high maintenance mother, not having had one.

    And now I’m imagining Marquette’s parents.

  14. Well it seems counterparts share more personality traits than Doc Karma (Male) lead us to believe. Alternates sharing space in the same universe can be so frustrating at times.

  15. Saeko! Thank you! I read this very very late/early..and misunderstood. That makes perfect sense now. 😀

  16. Marquette wasn’t necessarily married to Abner. After all, she’s already had her baby so the father could have been Amazonia’s counterpart.

  17. If these parallel realities are further explored, TZ should take into account some of the implications: in Doc Karmette’s world, for example, would rocketships still be phallic?

  18. @BloodPlum the flaw in your logic is that you asume that all that’s diffrent is that the genders are flipped but think about how world history would be diffrent

  19. @Frederick J. Barnet
    It’s not the fact that Mark is female in Epsilon-6, but that she was a very high-maintenance mommy-to-be. It’s a “think of how much more worse it would be if Mark was the pregnant one!”

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