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  1. Gaydar…not one of her superpowers!

  2. I believe the epilogue for this strip is “OUCH!!!!!!!”

  3. YEAH! A gay character named Jason, I feel so special right now.

  4. ooo… awkward moment, but she handled it very well.

  5. Poor Amazonia. I feel really bad for her sometimes.

  6. She handled that well. (Don’t worry Amazonia, you’ll find someone!)

  7. So that’s the head of the brown suited guy sitting next to Jason in the church.

  8. Hehe… Knew it from his first appearance.

  9. Really? You’re the only one to pick up on that. I remember someone reviewed that issue and predicted that Jason would be a romantic rival for Abby. I wanted to write him and say “No, not at all.” But, I let it stay.

  10. I have a best friend named Jason. He also happens to be gay. I’m not. Oddly things are not at all awkward between us, possibly because I have a physical deformity that precludes me from being attractive towards him. He’s a chests man, and I have a huge hole in my chest.

  11. At least Eric saved the moment from getting even more awkward.

  12. Aww, sorry Zoe. Better luck next time! 🙂

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