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  1. Haha, now that the health risks are out of the way, she’s zoomed back in on her education obsession. I feel bad for the kid… “But Mom! I don’t want to go to college…!” XD

  2. That kid is going to have is either going to college or go into the ”family business” ????????

  3. It’s fine to be preparing for this 18-years-off in the future event, but being a dick about it seems really unnecessary. Mark can make frikkin’ diamonds; I am sure he can find a simple way to fund college or anything else they really need, anytime they need it.

    Paul surely has various projects that could use some super powered assistance and are more than willing to pay for it, and pay for it in ways Mark can explain. Hell, he might just ask Mark to review his taxes once….
    It’s as easy as, say, following a meteor to the ground, picking it up and selling it.
    I’m sure NASA still needs samples of the surface of mars, too.
    Dive in the ocean, bring up any good treasure and get a reward for later “finding” it on a beach.
    Or any of a few hundred other methods a super-strong flying brick w/ super senses can arrange at will- secretly or in public. I’ve always been baffled that people assume heroes would do everything gratis. They have families too.

  4. @Evil Brain,
    But which family business there are 3 of them after all one of which requires college and another where it would be a benefit and thinking about it there are probably even some useful courses if the kid decides to become an accountant.

  5. None of their businesses require college. Think of all the heroes that get started in High School, after all. No degree is required to work in a bookshop, or even to run one. Becoming a CPA does require specialized knowledge, but it needn’t be from a college.
    That said, knowledge is power, and a college degree is not a bad thing to plan for. If their kid wants to do something other than the family business, like being a lawyer or doctor, then a degree is definitely gonna be needed.
    Still, plenty of time yet till that needs to be a worry. Start with pre-school, instead…

  6. Two thoughts on syncline’s comment:
    1) It’s always dicey having friends work for you
    2) Paul’s taxes probably require an army of accountants to manage – even if Mark is super he probably would not be able to manage them all. If he could do them with his super-speed, people would start asking – how the heck did ONE guy do all that. Awkward if you are trying to maintain a secret identity.

  7. Fugacity: who knows Mark doesn’t have a staff? Even with superspeed, there’s a limit to the sheer volume of work he does year-round, not just at tax time.

    As for the baby’s future: who says he can’t be a tradesman? Some of them…most notoriously, plumbers…make obscenely good coin. I’d also suggest “politician,” but then I remembered Golden Flame’s kid also went evil(oops, spoiler; that info came from the one issue of “What to Expect” that I was actually able to find at the local Fanboy Row (three comics shops on the same street ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE SAME BLOCK)…who, I presume, is not the Yellow Flashlight (bring the guy back; have Zoe surprise everyone and choose to mentor him despite their underwhelming first meaning?).

  8. BTW, “Doc Karmette?” I was under the impression that “karma” was gender-neutral (although there have been those who have accused it of being a hideous bitch goddess…never mind); I assume that’s being used to avoid confusion with “our” Doc Karma.

  9. I thought the same about the ‘ette’, K. Alan.

  10. She hasn’t even had the baby yet and she’s already worrying about college, she should be worrying about grade school a middle school for the baby before that.

  11. Considering how expensive college is, I don’t blame her for worrying about it already. I don’t even have kids, and I still sometimes wonder how I would afford to send a child to college in 18 years from today, considering our current economy and how bad student loans are.

  12. Karma is gender neutral, but they needed a way of differentiating her from the male Dr. Karma.

    As for the college thing, Mark wants a normal life. He’s okay with using his powers for little things, but doesn’t want to rely on them. I’m sure if it was absolutely necessary, (let’s say they somehow lose all their money, and their daughter can’t go to college and the mortgage is about to forclose them) Mark would use his powers to generate a lot of money, but he’d much rather do it the normal way.

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