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  1. He does make a good point XD

  2. Lol! I’m in pain from laughter…

  3. I’d be surprised if she can still fit in her old uniform. But then again, sounds promising. XD

  4. Walker, it doesn’t matter if it fits. It’s just making the attempt that counts. If the buttons are strained or the zipper doesn’t quite make it, all the better.

  5. My thought was that she was annoyed because he didn’t realize that she is wearing the old school uniform right now. Two pages ago, when she walked in wearing a short plaid skirt and a knit vest, “school uniform” was the first thing to cross my mind

  6. Catapult, that’s actually a mistake I made. I have to swap out the big splash page. I realized that her outfit was too close to the schoolgirl look and got rid of the plaid in the printed version. I apparently didn’t change it in my web files.

  7. Charlie, are you implying that Abby got fat, or that her breast size went up? Or both? @_@

    Thom, why did her skirt lost it’s patterns? XD

  8. I was thinking Catholic School Girl, too, and thinking how lucky Mark was, lol.

  9. Absolutely, Charlie Spencer. My thoughts, exactly. 😀

  10. Because our biology isn’t entirely geared towards a monogamous lifestyle, but the upside is that our libido is easy to trick into thinking we’re with a new lady. Gotta keep the bedroom fresh by trying new things, and occasionally new roles. Costumes and role-play are some of the most effective and harmless means to subconsciously trigger that “oat-sewing instinct” without, you know, ACTUALLY going to bed with a different woman.

    Or, you could just say “It’s fun” and not analyze all the joy out of it. 😛

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