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  1. That’s right Abby, jump directly to the most unlikely conclusion, rather than the obvious fact that his friend is THE WORLDS GREATEST DETECTIVE.
    Getting pregnant has not done good things for Abby, mentally speaking.

  2. If Paul weren’t the world’s greatest detective then the ONLY way Amazona would have found out is if Mark told Paul. It’s actually the MOST likely conclusion if you don’t take into account Mark’s promise. Therefore her reaction is fairly reasonable based on the fact she wanted it kept secret and felt betrayed.

  3. and the fact that Amazonia knew not to bring coffee but hot chocolate. the most likely reason she would do that is if Amazonia knew Abby was pregnant. and the only way she could know was if Paul told her.

  4. For a guy with a secret identity, Paul sure can’t keep a secret.

  5. Haaaaaaay guuuurrrrrrl

  6. I dunno about Paul being the world’s greatest detective. Abby started with only a cup of cocoa as evidence and inferred who said what to whom. That’s world class deducting.

  7. I dunno.
    I am about to come off with a rant here, and I can’t really explain the cause. No real personal similarity in my own life to point at… I just find Mark nearly super-humanly good as a human being, and Abby is just… human. And often just barely average at that.
    Which may explain Mark’s attraction, I dunno. His mom’s kinda a douche too,

    Mark is perhaps even more of a boy scout than the big blue cheese Supes himself, a very hard worker with a good paying job outside of his calling and frankly, he is a very good man as well as hero… he is basically annoyingly perfect.
    Yet Abby has gone from totally getting all of that to: 1) making the immense insult of assuming Mark can’t or won’t take care of his own kid’s future and 2) that he betrays her trust and her sincerely made requests casually, which he has NEVER done. This from the IDIOT who LET SLIP HIS IDENTITY THE FIRST DAY she knew it. Remember him forgiving her in a single panel? It blew my mind too.
    Let’s assume he had told Paul, his BEST FRIEND. Where is the forgiveness a married couple’s experience brings? Or was that different because his identity was just her being female and human and he isn’t allowed to be human and male since he’s married to her and a superhero?
    Although this bit of drama is all very fine for the plot I suppose, neither of these issues happening makes a damn bit of sense to me. It just doesn’t.

    And while we are going to have Abby go completely irrational while pregnant, I am sure we will not have Mark actually react as he should, which is to be deeply hurt and cut to the heart by her assumptions about him. No. He will soldier on like a good husband and hero and suck it up. Way to promote the tough-guy image we all must bear as men. How very…. perfect and yet stereotypical of him. But what he deserves, given the nature of these insults, is to get fed up and seriously mad as hell.

    Blaming it on hormones or her pregnancy seems like a cop out on my part or a sexist attitude, and yet it’s really all I can come up with other than she’s being a complete jerk to the person who loves her and has NEVER, ever failed her, not once. A record the rest of us flesh and blood guys who live in the real world can only envy. All of this crap since the pregnancy…it is immensely unfair to him on every level.

    Abby the supervillain. How elegant to know the one person who can really hurt Mark has basically lost faith in him as a father, a provider and a trusted partner. Way to go Abby.

  8. Syncline- Those that prove they are more capable than others get held to higher standards. If Mark was at a big accounting firm with a 5 foot tall AA woman “peer” that was almost as wide, she was short of breath just walking from one place in the department to another, spent the first 30 min on the clock eating breakfast & Mark had to spend 1/2 hour a day fixing her mistakes I can guarantee you that Mark would be held to a higher standard than the blobette. Simply because he can do better.

  9. If you are going to say Mark can just create diamonds to pay for things keep in mind the “Blood Diamond” cartel in the real world, would finance a Legion of Doom to keep their monopoly.

  10. ‘Twould appear that Paul is not the only detective in this strip.

  11. Steve- yeah, i can wrap my head around the ‘higher standards’ argument.
    I guess I just feel like Abby has begun acting in a very Non-Abby way that makes me REALLY dislike her, and a main character that I come to dislike or even hate will eventually drive me away from any comic, which makes me very, very sad.
    I have enjoyed L&C so very much, but somehow this petty near-continuous juvenile ranting from Abby – and Mark just taking it as if he had no sense of self worth or human ego whatsoever – is just…. sucking the joy out of the comic for me.
    Perhaps a pause from the comic will give me a better perspective.

  12. Hey, Syncline–I kinda get where you’re coming from. It does maybe seem like a bit much. However, I gotta say something in Abby’s defense.

    1.) She’s pregnant and freaking out. She, of course, is bringing all this up to Mark, because he is the other half of the equation and gets that she freaks out and worries. He listens to her, ‘cuz he’s that awesome.

    Remember how she reacted to learning he’d dated Amazonia? She gets along okay with Zoe now, but back when it was new territory she freaked out hardcore, and Mark got a lot of that, too. Abby freaks out until the problem is solved. That is how her brain works. Abby’s not taking out her emotions on him or assuming stuff–except right here, I /will/ admit to that one–she’s looking to him to support her and ease her fears, because she knows he will. The fact that she’s comfortable enough with Mark to voice her concerns with him is a compliment–one that he recognizes, if you’ll remember his earlier comments about it being “good” that they “take each other for granted” in some ways. (I don’t remember the specific page, or I’d link it.)

    2.) Pregnancy hormones really do screw with a woman’s brain. Blaming things on pregnancy and PMS is not sexist; it is Truth in Comics or what have you. I’m usually super chill about everything aside from bullies, but if I don’t get the right nutrient combo in, watch out during That Time of the Month. I’m so irritable that even my mom commented on it once. It differs for every woman and intersex person who has a period, of course (some don’t P[re]MS; they might D[uring]MS or P[ost]MS, for example, and some don’t have problems at all), but it’s there.

    Pregnancy hormones plus freaking out that holy-crap-I’m-gonna-be-a-parent can turn even the calmest of people into a wreck. Abby’s brain isn’t working at 100% logical capacity, so you’re gonna need to cut the poor lady some slack. I guarantee you she’ll realize it and feel like butt, ‘cuz that’s Abby.

  13. I agree a little with Mini, insofar only that Abby is jumping to conclusions. And, she wanted to be the one to share the news with her best friend (as I’ve noted before, it should be interesting to see what happens when she and Zoe actually realize this) as well as her family. To paraphrase Dr. Freud, “sometimes a hot cocoa is just a hot cocoa.”

    Getting entirely off subject, I caught a bit of the movie “A Summer Place” this morning (the first movie to be scored entirely with elevator music…yes, I’m a big meanie); Sandra Dee’s father was played by Richard Egan, who apparently had been tapped to play the Sub-Mariner in a TV series that, had it come to fruitition, would have been competition for another ’50’s series: “The Adventures of Superman.” If a model for Mermantis should ever actually be needed, Richard could be your man (yes, the Fabio/mackerel joke really was meant to be that, and no, I won’t repeat it).

  14. Rereading the strip…yeah, Paul probably did tell Zoe. Or maybe Zoe is, in her own way, just as good at reading people as he is.

  15. Or, maybe, just maybe….
    Amazonia felt like having hot chocolate, and everybody (including Abby) is just reading too much into it? =)

  16. Because of the green of that rooftop in the background, I was momentarily wondering why Abbey and Amazonia were in the middle of Kansas.

  17. LiC: Maybe that rooftop is the world’s best-disguised grow-op. Or it’s a “Chia building.”

  18. Why wouldn’t Abby conclude that Mark told Zoe?

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