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  1. I wonder if he’s immune to paint fumes.

  2. Boy, having supervision/senses and a Compulsion towards perfection must be a really bad combination.

  3. He’s lucky he doesn’t play a musical instrument. With hearing like that, he’d find a lot more reasons to cringe about his home recordings (which, in some cases, can be very useful in critiquing one’s private practice sessions).

  4. NoRAd, if he can survive in the vacuum of space, I’m sure he can cope with a few fumes… besides, I imagine he’d open a window like anyone else (if only so that Abby doesn’t walk in and pass out).

    Mark: “You know, FYI… this microscopic vision of mine can also see every single freckle, mole, wart, wrinkle, and blemish on every part of your body, even the ones so small and sub-surface that you haven’t noticed them yet.”
    Abby: “Ah, but can they see a divorce coming a mile away?”
    Mark: “How come when you pick on me, it’s ‘comedy’, but when I pick on you, it’s ’emotional abuse’?”
    Abby: “That’s sexism at its best… bitch.”

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