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  1. Ah, Abby, Amazonia, you are both teh evil…

    If I were Mark and all them, I’d be SO glad those two aren’t villainesses. They’d have taken over the known universe by now…and maybe a few other dimensions.

  2. I love the last panel of them together. 😀

  3. Something that I’ve always thought ever since I started reading this comic is that every female character only has 2 expressions, “Sex Doll” and “Bitch Face”. Just makes everyone seem either stupid or needlessly angry.

  4. The funny part is her asking the question. Women never need permission… or even a real reason, actually (why, yes, I have been on the receiving end of “angry about something she dreamed I did” – and she knew it).

  5. Punish how? (‘Cause with those two women, the mind boggles…)

  6. Deoxy, are you Ross from Friends? ^_^; Poor you.

  7. No you can’t punish someone for something that have no control over. That’s just being arbitrarily mean.

  8. These are Zoe and Amazonia talking here.
    Pregnant Women or not do NOT need a reason to get angry with their significant other.
    This written in their DNA..

  9. Knowing Abbey, the extent of punishment will probably be, “If you wanna make this up to me, you’d better get me the really GOOD chocolate from Ghirardelli! The top shelf stuff!”

  10. Penn: I agree.

    scifijoe: The real anger will occur once she’s in labour…”YOU DID THIS TO ME!” she screamed, squeezing any possibility of the baby not being an only child…

  11. Mark isn’t in trouble he literally never said a word Paul took one look and knew

  12. Here it is. When I first checked out this comic from the list on “Grrl Power”, this was the strip that was up. I had no idea what was going on, and then I started from the very beginning… and here I am. 😀

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