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  1. Ironically! I wonder how she will feel when Paul and Charlotte are named godparents.

  2. @EB.. guess it would depend on the Earth cultures she’s been exposed to; as most of those I know that do the Godparent thing have it as Standard that GPs are picked one from Each side, especially if it is of the more symbolic variety;

    — established couples are more common when looking at the ‘Take care of Kid if we Die.” portion of the duties… and pretty sure even she would admit her being ‘the Ex’ would trump being Paul’s GF; especially factoring the non-permanent nature of Death in their and other comic Universes

  3. Hey Thom, are you going to be at Supercon this year? It’s in Miami. I know you were able to make it to Megacon in Orlando… I’m not sure how far you are normally willing to travel for cons.

  4. @Evil Brain: I’m thinking that Amazonia will be okay with not being a God Mother. After all, Charlotte is Abbey’s sister. Family first and all that. I’m thinking Zoe will always be ready to step up and help when needed, but I think doubt she’d take offense at being passed over for the position.

    Meanwhile, I don’t foresee Paul being the child’s Godfather either (at least not publicly). Remember, Paul’s public identity has no connection with Mark or Abbey. Sure, Charolette went on a date with Paul years ago, but that’s not really grounds for him to being a child’s religious/moral compass, much less take in the child should anything happen to their parent’s. Mark and Abbey would need to put in their will that should something happen to them, Paul would either take in the child, or be partially responsible for the child. That would raise far too many questions.

    Most likely Abbey’s brother will end up being official Godfather.

    Paul and Zoe might end up being along the lines of unofficial fairy godparents, where they show up when the kid needs help.

  5. Given that Zoe comes from a parallel universe with different religious, moral and family values (some of which do seem to chafe at her more now that she’s on Earth and in real love…sorry, Mark, but I suspect that she saw you more as “appropriate breeding material” than a true life partner…I’m writing to a comic book character. Have to watch myself there.), I don’t think she’d have a problem with not being an Earth-type godmother.

    But wait until “Auntie Zoe” bonds with the kid…(as for Paul being the godfather…perhaps it’s time for him and Zoe to adopt secondary–actually, for Zoe, primary–secret identities. I still have the feeling–I haven’t read that far ahead, if the idea’s even been broached, honest!–she might actually like it)

  6. I just can’t stop laughing.

  7. Haha! Ah, Zoe’s mom…one of the few comic book moms I’ve managed to adore and want to punch in the face at the same time…

  8. Oh gosh. I just realized–how’s Queen Pickypants gonna react to Paul? (Not that Paul or Zoe is gonna give a fork of peanuts, but…)

  9. I do know that SF-Xena’s going to make a reappearance; it will have…consequences.

  10. “No, but he’s a good provider. Which means we don’t have to worry about the prenup.”

  11. You know, I am starting to understand why Amazonia is the way she is… comes out of the way she was raised.

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