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  1. Okay, don’t laugh. I only just noticed the ‘ABC’ in Abby’s logo, and automatically my brain completed it with ‘easy as 123’; and now I can’t get Michael Jackson out of my head. Thanks, Thom, thanks a lot.

  2. My mind automatically jumped to “Amy’s Baking Company” when I saw the ABC.

  3. Saeko, if it makes you feel any better, I can’t find the logo even after you’ve told me it’s there.

  4. “Abby Books Coffee” on the window in the fist panel

  5. sorry, Abby’s Books AND Coffee in the second pannel

  6. It’s in both panels, but you kind of have to fill in the blanks a little. I do, however, like the idea of books, coffee, and possibly Dr. Seuss.

  7. Hey. Isn’t that the golden torch or whatever her name is in panel 1?

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