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  1. Be careful, Mark you don’t want to pull a Superman and rotate around the Earth, causing time to go back to before the pregnancy. Was that the first film or the second one? Be kind, don’t rewind. Wonder how Marquette is handle her pregnancy? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the other Crusader and her husband are handling things?

  2. One thing that really makes Love and Capes work is the way it makes the mundane and the fantastic work together. This page is a great example of that. Well played, Thom.

  3. Actually, Supes did nothing of the sort in that movie. HE WAS TRAVELLING THROUGH TIME , and it was not explained overly clearly; if he’d actually reversed Earth’s rotation the situation would be…less than desirable.

  4. Evil Brain: they obviously didn’t explain it very well, but Superman was travelling through time in that movie, creating an alternative timeline. If he’d actually reversed Earth’s rotation, the results would have been…unpleasant.

  5. … I just realized what the ID of the alternate universe is: #63

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