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  1. I love that pissed off face she makes, Thom.

  2. He’s 2 for 2… 1) I am old. 2) I am not on Facebook.


  3. Not sure anyone has said this lately, Thom, but…I think the reason why we love L&C so much is because:
    1. They’re real people, even if they’re in a superhero comic book.

    2. You write in such a balanced way between the drama and the interrelationships, the action and the humor, that everyone can enjoy this story, young and old, male and female, whatever.

    3. You write an interesting series of interconnected stories with good plot twists, taking mundane and superhero problems and giving them a fresh perspective.

    4. The main character is admittedly more Abby than Mark overall (not by much, but by enough to notice)…but you write her in such a way that the reader easily identifies with her–we are all Abby, and her reactions feel real to us as we watch her trying to come to terms with having a superhero in her life.

    5. The supporting characters are also realistic, from her brother and sister all the way through to the Evil Brain during the temporal paradox storyline. Even Darkblade and Amazonia, Windstar and the other supers (and villains!) come across as real people inside those supersuits.

    5. The details are wonderful, from the way people behave in-character, to the little things you have to pay attention to, just to notice them: My favorite scenes have included the Evil Brain making the jogger (whose body he stole) eat utterly unhealthy food just to torment the owner of said body, Abby reminding Amazonia she runs a coffee service out of her bookshop…but suggesting tea (which is often served alongside coffee) as a way for the two women to bond, and the Arachnerd enjoying his box of Munchkin Donuts as the very first perk he gets to try out as a member of the Liberty League.

    6. …The regular updates are extra nice, too! XD

    7. Thank you very much for putting this story on the web for everyone to see. Hardcopies of L&C are firmly on my scrape-together-the-money-for-’em list. 🙂

  4. Errrg, hate to say it, but…. Panel 3, that coffee machine looks about as flat as the books on the shelf above it.

  5. @Mujaki: It’s a book about coffee, that looks like a coffee maker. I wonder if its a coffee table book.

  6. In the last panel I thought she was dropping that mug, but it didn’t seem that she was THAT angry and surprised at Jason’s comment. I had to look back to the first panel to confirm that the mug is hanging on the wall behind them. Then I spotted her other hand, making the “air quotes”.

  7. Thom i’ll add something to Ladyofthemasque’s words – You also don’t suggest selling Mark’s marriage (and a daugther) to the devil. -) You’re awesome =)

  8. don’t suggest selling Mark’s marriage (and a daugther) to the devil.

    Shhh. Don’t give away the next plot arc…


  9. I’m not on Facebook. Facebook is evil.

  10. (Ahem.) We Are All Not Abby, unless we wish to see ourselves that way. Pardon me, but the rest of us have our own rights and liberties, thanks. Aside from that, you’re right on everything else (…and I’m going to go and have a cuppa. Cheers).

  11. I’d like to throw in an 8) You avoid any of those lame sitcom plots that could be resolved in two seconds if people just thought about thinks for a moment, or just talk to each other.

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