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  1. You got the n’s wrong Tom, it’s “penance’, not “pennace”….

  2. Ummm, you misspelled his name.

    It’s Thom. Says right under the comic.

    Kinda ironic, no?

  3. The two situations are different. Secret IDs are potentially life-or-death information. You have to make sure someone is trustworthy before revealing those to them. OTOH, Mark already knows Paul is trustworthy, and the pregnancy isn’t a life-threatening secret.

  4. Isn’t penance a town in France?

  5. There’s a Penzance in Cornwall, Great Britain.

  6. Penzance is a town in England. They used to have pirates there. Singing ones.

  7. He could have defended himself and worked his way out of it being his fault, but he rolled right over…

  8. 🙁

  9. Abby wants Mark to supply her with an Italian? What a naughty girl! ;)-

  10. Maybe he’s following the old adage, never argue with a pregnant woman? (Which I think is hogwash–it’s more like, understand that her hormones are fluctuating wildly enough that she may fixate on something strongly enough that it will upset her, when normally she would let it slide. You can argue, but she may not be swayed by logic, or get overly upset, so be more willing to be understanding and help let things drop rather than keep stirring her up…but stand up for the truly important stuff.)

    Each pregnancy is different, just as each woman is different. At the moment, I think A by is taking advantage of her status a wee bit.

  11. *A by, typing this on my Nook…

  12. *Abby. Damn you, autocowrecked!

  13. I kind of like the resolution to the potential conflict here. Abby has worked out that she isn’t supposed to be angry at Mark. And going by the mention of a penance conversion chart it reads to me like his punishment is “be the one who goes out for take away this time”.

    Abby is allowed to be annoyed that the world does not work like she wanted it to, but she is not allowed to take it out on someone who is innocent.

    So in the end this reads to me like this: “Explain yourself.” “Gives good excuse.” “Now I am annoyed at the world, do something nice for me.”

  14. Honestly, I think Abby is just busting Mark’s balls for the fun of it. She’s not really angry at him. She’s normally a very understanding woman, and she already is fully aware the keeping secrets from Paul is near impossible. But Mark is such a big softy and such a nice guy, that he’s easy to mess with. Look at that smile in the first panel. She’s got that “Oh this is going to be fun…” smirk on her face. She’s just playing with him. It’s not a big deal.

    And him getting them Italian food is hardly much a punishment. He’s been shown to fly them to entirely different countries, just as a way to relax after a long day at work.

  15. You penance… is penne!
    With pesto. Pronto!

  16. A really signal pasta joint employs pirates with pennants in case the conversation flags.

  17. Mujaki: didn’t you know the penne is mightier than the sword?

  18. “He took one look at me and said ‘Omigod, Abby’s pregnant?!?’ And I was like, ‘How the hell do you DO that??’ It totally wasn’t my fault!”

  19. Oh, and she said she was craving *authentic* Italian. I think that means she wants him to bring it back from Italy.

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