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  1. For a second there, I thought Adam was referring to his soda (in panel 2).

  2. You mean Mark?
    Abby’s organisational skills have come a long way since The Shoebox.

  3. That was business. This is personal.

    In other news, Abby totally isn’t the Evil Brain… yet.

  4. (really embarrassed) Um… yeah. Mark. That big guy, who sometimes wears tights. For some reason, I thought his name was Adam, despite reading this site like twice daily. Thanks, SilentSooYun, for the correction. (slinks off to hide under rock)

  5. Don’t feel bad, Vergie, I once tried to get the attention of a friend of mine across a street by calling him Matt, and his name is Will. And let me tell you, it’s much more embarrassing when the person is real and hears you… and you’re surrounded by friends.

  6. It’s like Batman’s superpower is being Batman (or for that matter, Lois Lane’s is being Lois Lane…as long as we forget her ’50’s/’60s self), Abby Tennyson Spencer;s superpower is much the same, except she doesn’t need a special costume and she ALREADY knows her boyfriend’s power and got him to the altar.

    BTW, the “undoing” of Superman and Lois Lane’s marriage was in my opinion unnecessary; they were a better team as a result, and besides, has anyone ever seen those recovered pages of an unpublished Superman story from around 1940 (it involved something called…”K-Metal”) where the beans were pretty much well and truly spilled? (Check back issues of “Alter Ego” as well as volume 1 of Steranko’s “History of the Comics”)

    As for the undoing of Spider-Man’s marriage…REALLY? They go to the MU’s version of the Devil to do a reset (as well as a lame backstory to cover his tracks)?!!? Whatever went wrong with the original storyline could have been resolved by taking the bull by the horns, not this…cowardice.

  7. @Saeko
    I do that a LOT for some reason, and it is definitely embarrassing
    @k.alan mcdougall
    I second both of those opinions (on Superman and Spiderman)

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