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  1. it just hit me (on the second reading): there was a super-villain in Marvel comics named Titania: she made her first appearance in the classic “secret wars” miniseries!

  2. Didn’t she use power armor and gravity manipulation? Oh either way, all characters baring that name today are in reference to the Faerie Queen Titania. . .
    Y’know, I hadn’t thought of it till just now, but aside from the Dresden Files Universe, I’ve never known just what the heck the difference is between Titania and Queen Mab. . .

  3. Butcher explains it pretty well, and is as close to accurate as anyone can get if I recall right.

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  5. “Trainee”?

  6. @Withdrawn: Nope. She had superhuman strength and durability and hooked up with “Crusher” Creel, a.k.a. the Absorbing Man.

    BTW, this arc received a mention in TVTrope’s Super Powers for a Day, which I found when I was trying to recall an issue where something similar happened to Lois Lane.

  7. So what’s wrong with being a sidekick? Not like you’re an experienced superhero yet, is it? 😛

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