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  1. Thom… it’s the mix of the mundane and the heroic that keeps
    me reading. This is so funny, I’ll be chuckling about it all day.

    That in itself is going to drive my boss nuts. Thanks mate. 🙂


  2. The skylight dream, very nice to see it. I also appreciate how the remote is an important part – trying to open the skylight from the outside “in costume” would probably raise more questions than his old balcony. Hope he gets an extended range out of that remote.

  3. Awesome!! …Though I sincerely hope it doesn’t leak. >.>*

  4. HAHAHAHA Living the superhero dream. Great Comic thanks for it. Do you do any of the fan conventions in Canada? Would love to thank you in person.

  5. And if it rains…?

    It would seem Mark never though through the practicalities of The Dream. Balconies are clearly superior hero landing pads.

    You can set down on a balcony and wipe the alien goo off your boots before stepping inside. You can hold a romantic conversation on a balcony, or angst about the crush of heroic responsibility. And no one has ever been struck unconscious by a villain’s Zap Ray and fallen through a balcony.

  6. Oh, and no one ever forgot to close the balcony 😛

  7. But skylights make for more dramatic entrances! You can just float down into the room, or smash through… ah. That’s a problem when it’s your own house. Someone else’s house works for smashing the skylight, but not your own house.

  8. Ah yes, he lives the dream.

    But that third panel looks a bit confusing. I first though the texture for the Roof looked like the stars. Wich didn’t add up with the look into the Apparment.

  9. I think that’s the asphalt tiles on the roof. Yes, they do look like that.

  10. I dunno, Silent, I think landing inside the building rather than on the balcony is a little less obvious. Especially if he wanted to pull the “falling from a brutal hit in outer space” look to really fool someone, then stop at the last second before hitting the floor in the apartment and making it look like he disappeared into a different dimension because the roof and the apartment are intact. Also, seriously, openable roof = awesome skylight!

  11. I coulda sworn it’d already been done in season 4 of “Loise and Clark” (I’m pretty sure it had been when The Angel was briefly “The Avenging Angel” prior to his joining the X-Men). Besides, it’ll give Darkblade an opportunity to crash through it (a la the first Burton “Batman” and the Beatty “Dick Tracy”…do i HAVE to include Batgirl’s scene from Schumacher’s “Batman and Robin?” Not because of Batgirl, but Schumacher…)

  12. Maybe if they had both a balcony and a skylight… I’m starting to agree with SilentSooYun on the balcony thing, tho’. She makes some really good points.

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