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  1. so that’s what paul wrote on that paper! pretty clever.

  2. and now we know why Paul wasn’t concerned when he had to be two different places in then minutes

  3. Called it! (In my comment on the previous comic.) Abbey has adjusted to the whole time travel thing pretty quickly. But then, she was a superhero herself for a time.

  4. and that explains the whole future Abbey at her own wedding ceremony thing that someone pointed out a while back!

  5. Darkblade that sly dog also worked out how to have his cake and eat it! lol

  6. Damn, Paul, you really called it indeed. Now if only Superman had had this same sort of “good idea vibe” going on with Batman…

    Loving this comic with all my heart and mind, Tom. It’s everything I’d expect of a good-natured satire of the superhero genre. Coming from a published author, I hope this means something!

  7. AND how to meet both Charlotte and Amazonia in ten minutes.

  8. Called it too. =) Which is nice and logical =)

  9. He’s been a busy fellow. I’d tip my hat to ‘im, except that I don’t own a hat. (Heh.)

  10. Oh, yes, Darkblade. It is awesome to have your Kate and Edith, too! 😉

  11. I hereby reach through time and Anthony upside the head.

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