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  1. Yeah, Mark wouldn’t hold an automobile by the suspension, so the ride would never be modified by the type of car… of course, a passenger can’t really see where Mark’s holding on from inside the car….

  2. I hope this car has really good air-brakes.

  3. @Plasma:
    It actually has super airbreaks.

  4. Yeah, it’s tough having super strength. Everyone always wants you to carry their stuff. And them. And the vehicle with them and all their stuff in it. Mark’s a good sport, though.

  5. …aaand finally caught up. Grrl Power brought me here. I started from the beginning just a few weeks ago. I am so happy I found it! 😀

  6. I was wondering where Mark was.

  7. Y’know, Superman used to have a supermobile (yes, really)…

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